Launceston – Top 10 Must Visit Places In The Vicinity

Planning a trip to the second largest town in Tasmania? Here is a list of the 10 must visit places in the vicinity.

Launceston, the second largest town in Tasmania, is a quaint city offering an insight into the history to the modern generation. Ennobled by sophisticated 19th century buildings and oak-studded parks, it is nestled in a delightful spot on the island’s northeastern side at the base of the Tamar River.

Charming old restored colonial buildings, well manicured public squares, and well-preserved parks pervade an air of English charm in the center of Launceston. Another major drawing factor of the town is the natural beauty it has been blessed with. This is one town worth visiting and thus makes it’s way to so many people’s bucket list. 

Here are 6 things you should try while visiting the town, so buckle up travelers, Let’s traverse through Launceston. 

  1. 1 Cataract Gorge

    Located on the southern end of The Esk River, This metallic wonder lies at just a 15 minute walk away from the centre of Launceston. Flaked between steep gorge on both side, it leads to walking trails ranging from the 1890s skirt the cliff face providing panoramic views of the river lying below like a water reptile. The way to reach the top is by hopping aboard the world's longest single-span chairlift. 

    In the Southern end of the river there is a café and glistening swimming pool, while  northern side holds the Cliff Grounds where visitors can socialize with colorful peacocks and friendly wallabies in the fern-fringed Victorian garden. Also another availability to search the waterland is a river cruise which offers an insight in the local ways of life. 

  2. 2 City Park

    Another magical man made creation, the city park is one of the most well preserved giving English heritage a new look with changing times. City Park plays home to a all- in-one-go of popular tourist attractions and presents the visitors with pleasant picnic nooks.

    The tourists can witness the Japanese macaques present in a small enclosure, visit the plants in the conservatory, and admire the exhibitions taking place in the City Park Radio Museum, plays home to a beautiful old heritage house. There are paths to walk which wind around the park past the main sites. This park is an ideal family getaway with a lot of free space for the children to enjoy. 

  3. 3 Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

    One visit to the past holds this well preserved art gallery and museum. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery serves as a great place to brush oneself up on some native history and admire Australian and international art with one's own leisure. An impressive 19th-century heritage-listed building plays home to this museum and art gallery in Wellington. The particular street features ten different galleries portraying Tasmanian art ranging from colonial days to the present, historic photos, international paintings, and decorative arts all a simple walk away. A treat for the art enthusiasts indeed.

  4. 4 Tamar Island Wetlands

    Lying just a 10 minute drive from the centre of Launceston, this place plays nirvana for the nature enthusiasts among us, especially the people in love with the birds. Ideally the first stop should be the interpretation center where tourists are displayed the history of the Tamar River, the wetlands ecosystems, and the resident wildlife of the river. This indeed plays an important part in learning about the environment they are about to witness. After this step, they are free to admire the beauty of the area with their own eyes. This place houses a variety of the flying angels including, black swans, great egrets, ducks, swallows, and pelicans allowing the people to witness the nature at its peak. Having so much natural diversity this place also becomes a favourite among the photographers. 

  5. 5 National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

    For the vintage bike and car lovers among us, this place offers the National Automobile Museum located just opposite of The City Park. The museum possesses an splendid collection of well-preserved cars and motorcycles with four themed exhibits annually, having companies such as Jaguar, British Sporting Heritage, Rolls Royce, and Aussie icons in their list making it a must see in the list. It is open to the visitors everyday from 9am to 5pm in summers and 9am to 4pm in winters.

  6. 6 Hollybank Treetops Adventure

    Lying at about a 15-minute drive northeast from the center of Launceston, at the Hollybank Treetops, the adventure junkies can glide through the forest canopy between "Cloud Stations" on a three-hour zip line adventure. This is one of the most attention drawing activity of the place and is successful to draw a number of tourists every year.

    So what are you waiting for people? Plan a trip to Launceston today.  

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