Launceston – Top 10 Must Visit Places In The Vicinity

Planning a trip to the second largest town in Tasmania? Here is a list of the 10 must visit places in the vicinity.

Launceston, the second largest town in Tasmania, is a quaint city offering an insight into the history to the modern generation. Ennobled by sophisticated 19th century buildings and oak-studded parks, it is nestled in a delightful spot on the island’s northeastern side at the base of the Tamar River.

Charming old restored colonial buildings, well manicured public squares, and well-preserved parks pervade an air of English charm in the center of Launceston. Another major drawing factor of the town is the natural beauty it has been blessed with. This is one town worth visiting and thus makes it’s way to so many people’s bucket list. 

Here are 6 things you should try while visiting the town, so buckle up travelers, Let’s traverse through Launceston. 


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