India Is Playing A Great Role In Increasing Global Warming

We never thought that this will actually become a reality. Scientists only came to know about Global Warming just a few years back. Human’s have been exploiting planet Earth since ages now. Cutting the trees, polluting the land and making more & more things which simply can’t be recycled at all. All this has lead to the biggest issue ever – Global Warming. And India is playing a major role behind it.

You must be aware of the glaciers melting and shrinking at a great alarming speed. This is Earth’s response to all that we have done. According to studies global warming started occurring quite many years ago, as far as mid 19th century.

India and China, both the countries are immensely populated and hence creates a whole lot of pollution every passing day. These 2 countries collectively have caused the melting of glaciers so quickly like it was never seen earlier. You will be shocked to know that India and China ranks as the World’s Most Air Polluted countries and that is all because of the smoke and trash that is generated each and every day of the year. This has resulted in challenging the lives of flora and fauna in these areas.

The risk zone of Himalaya & Hindukush Mountains along with the Tibetan plateau areas are the 3rd largest regions on the planet Earth which are covered by ice. It only falls behind the Antarctic and the Arctic region. So you can very well imagine the fear behind it all. If all of the ice melts then what will be the result of it. Increasing number of floods every year is known to everyone.

Ice is melting due to the pollution created by India and China. And the aftermaths of it will be clearly visible one or the other day. People residing in or near the Indus basin areas use this water, resulted by the melting of glaciers, to drink and for other activities. Just think for a moment that how much impurities they are intaking every day. Harmful chemicals and what not. All this is harming them and will only increase in the future.

One of the major things behind all this is the Black Carbon which is the residue matter that is obtained by burning fossil fuels and biomass. We consume petrol and diesel in such a large quantity that it has become a major problem. This black carbon absorbs the sun rays and results in the regional warming of these areas. Not only this, when these harmful particles of carbon settle down and deposits on the surface of the glaciers and ice, it makes that area dark. And as a result of this the icy surface absorbs more heat from the sun and it melts even more quickly. This is horrifying indeed.

Researchers all over the world are trying their best to see how this can be reverted back or to stop it. But till date not much has been achieved. The problem is becoming bigger and bigger every passing day. The greed for more money and power has made it worse. Humans should understand that comfort is fine but what will they do of this comfort if there is no life.

But sadly, nobody is going to understand that we are only making our planet Earth die at a fast pace. Nobody is going to stop using their cars or AC’s or anything else. This will continue to get worse more and more. Nothing can be done about it, unless scientists create some magic, some miracle happens.

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