Horticultural Life Of Seattle : Top 5 Parks

Life in cities is filled up to the brim with roads and concrete building everywhere the sight goes. In this despair, city parks act as the nature and civilization, a place molded to provide the freshness well within the reach of your accommodation. These parks are designed and decorated in lieu of the requirements and the liking of the residents. It provides them respite from the confines of the human world and lets them dwell in a more open space.

Each of these parks are engineered in a way demanded by the surroundings. Some of them offer a free space to walk and frolic, while others hold a place as an artistic beauty, making them a photographer’s dream. But when asked the question of which are the best ones, it becomes subjected to the viewer’s choice.

However, below we have a list of the most highly regarded one’s out of the lot. So read along to find the best 5 in the vicinity


Originally posted 2017-08-19 11:31:07.

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