Historia Dio A Conocer (History Unveild) – Let History be your guide today!

Ready for some excitement? So, pack your bags and get ready for some action. Now it's time to see the past with the tint of enlivenment.

Being the oldest and largest city of the U.S.A, Charleston has a lot to explore. It’s not only the cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, unique blend of cultures, annual events by artists and vibrant theater’s that fascinate the tourists. Irrespective of all these things, the major center of attraction in this old city of the U.S.A, is the presence of the valuable historic sites which serve as a heritage to the people.

So, the historic place that one should visit on his tour to Charleston are:

  1. 1 Magnolia Plantation

    Situated on the the Ashley river, the plantation has been listed in the "National Register Of Historic Places". The plantation house was built after the Civil War and it has been reconstructed and restored after that. The house incorporates a wide verandah, huge columns and 5 cabins.

    The natural settings include the nature train, marsh boat tours,wildlife areas, petting zoo and gardens. The Cypress Lake and Long Bridge adds to the beauty of the place.
    Thus, the place serves to be a good source of historic information as well as a place of natural beauty for those who enjoy it.

    Address :  3550 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414, USA.
    Phone: +1 843-571-1266

  2. 2 Fort Sumter

    This is the only "Sea Fort" in Charleston, which has witnessed two battles of the American Civil War. Now, some parts of the fort are under the National Park Services and are operated by it.

    It is a five sided brick structure, which still stands unfinished. The structure includes "The Old Fort Sumter", "Fort Sullivan's Island" and "The Visitors Education Center". A thirty minute ferry ride or a private boat ride is necessary to reach the fort from the educational center.

    The Visitors Education Center fully exhibits the disagreements that prevailed between the North and the South. Therefore, the place serves it's purpose of laying down the information related to the civil war and the disagreements,also showing the demarcation of areas within the fort.

    Address: South Carolina 29412, USA.
    Phone:+1 843-883-3123

  3. 3 Nathaniel Russell House

    This place with an unidentified architectural style has been classified as a "National Historic Landmark".

    The interior of the house, on the ground floor is grey in color  and one can sense the apparent concern for privacy as there are separate public and family rooms.

    The second floor drawing room is highly decorated. The plaster moulding  is covered with 24 carat gold leaf and the blocks at the base are painted to look like lapiz lazuli, a highly precious stone. The front ground of the house is however separated from the street by an iron fence and bricks.

    So the place can be full of exciting experiences for those who are interested by precious stones and vivid ornamentations.

    Address: 51 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA.
    Phone: +1 843-724-8481

  4. 4 Drayton Hall

    This 18th century building, is situated near river Ashley, 15miles Northwest to Charleston. It is the only plantation house on the Ashley river which had survived intact, and so it is of great importance.Thus, it has been labelled as a historic landmark. The house has a large central entrance, a stair hall and square and rectangular chambers.

    The plantation house resembles a Country Estate Villa, named "Cornaro", near Venice, Italy. The house is managed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The place is of great aid to those who wish to know the interpretation of the historic plantation economy. Also the hall serves the people with a view of the elaborate architectural style of that time.

    Address: 3380 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414, USA.
    Phone: +1 843-769-2600

  5. 5 Aiken Rhett House - Museum

    The house marks its importance as in the past, it was maintained by African American slaves who worked for maintaining the standards of the house. It has been registered in the "National Register Of Historic Places", and is now owned by the Historic Charleston Foundation.

    The house gives us the glimpses of the old furniture like the crystal and bronze chandelier's, classical sculptures and painting's.These prove to be a delight for people who have an artistic taste.

    The work yard of the house is undoubtedly, an excellent example of the complete and compelling African American urban life. The beauty of the place is incomplete without it's stable, privies and garden follies. In all the place is an artistic attraction for all people.

    Address:  48 Elizabeth St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA.
    Phone:+1 843-723-1159

  6. 6 McLeod Plantation

    The property incorporates six slave quarter's, detached kitchen,  dairy building, pre-war gin house, a barn and a carriage house. All these historic elements add to the value of the plantation making it an exemplary work of the past.

    The plantation  was sold out in 2011 for its restoration and protection and there is no doubt that the work has been carried out extremely well.

    The  major source of attraction in the plantation are the archaeological artifacts like the German stane ware  shards, British cotton buttons and Spanish coins. So, for those who are fond of knowing History and those who are into archaeological studies, the plantation is one of the most interesting and attractive place.

    Address: 325 Country Club Dr, Charleston, SC 29412, USA.
    Phone:+1 843-762-9514

  7. 7 Middleton Place

    The Middleton place is known to be the home of America's oldest landscaped gardens. The blooming of old Camellias in winter is just the most beautiful and breathtaking sight. In summers, the blooming of Kalmia, Magnoila's, Crepe Mystles and Roses make the place look like a mesmerizing landscape.
    The house museum displays a variety of old family furniture, silver, porcelain, rare books and portrait's. While the stableyard demonstrates the perfect skills of the earlier enslaved people and these included craft artisans, weavers, blacksmith, potters and carpenters.
    Therefore, the place provides a number of attractive elements at a single place like architecture,antiquities and scenic beauty.

    Address: 4300 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414, USA.
    Phone:+1 843-556-6020.

  8. 8 Heyward Washington House

    The house was originally called the "Charleston's Revolutionary War House". Later it was named Heyward Washington House as a patriotic leader Heyward was captured there by the Britishers. Also the city rented the house to George Washington for his stay in Charleston. So, now it is popularly known as the Heyward Washington House.

    The house offers an amazing collection of historic Charleston made furniture and also American made colonial furniture like the "Holmes Bookcase". The main feature about the house is that it is the only place where a 1740's kitchen building is open to public. The house features a garden which adds to its essence.

    Address: 87 Church St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA.
    Phone: +1 843-722-0354

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