Hiking through Patagonia – Top 5 Gems

The best site for hiking this almost entirely unsullied piece of land has to offer. Read along to find the best trails Patagonia has to offer.

Flaked between Argentina and Chile on both sides, this unblemished place is the sparsely populated area. Originally famous for its Andean peaks, it has also had many other attractions such as windswept steppes, crackling glaciers, and distinct gaucho culture.

For the adventure enthusiasts, this place is a nirvana as it offers unmatched hiking and multi-day trekking routes through some of the world’s most rugged and unforgiving landscapes in the world.
Generally, the tourist season in Patagonia starts in the month of October and goes up till the month April. 

The tourism is at the peak of the summer (ranging January and February), so much so that the trails some times gets overcrowded as it the season in which both the local tourists and international tourists flock in. It is therefore recommended to book campgrounds and lodgings in advance before heading out on a trek.

In a place that has so much to offer, how does one decide what do and what not to visit? To help you with this conundrum, we present the list of some of the top hiking trails in the region.


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