Hawaii : A Paradise You Can’t Miss

Looking for the information about the Island state's favourite tourist spots? Read along as we stroll down Hawaii together.

The favorite travel bucket destination, Hawaii is the tourist hub in America. But every island in the vicinity has a different attraction of its own. Then how does one decide what to visit and what to leave? We are here to help you decide and plan your trip by the most recommendable destinations.


  1. 1 Black Rock on Ka’anapali Beach

    This is the one place that defines fun in one word. From cliff diving to scuba diving to snorkeling along with tropical fish are just the beginning of the wonders the place has to offer. Sea turtles are seen often in the waters, which gives an exhilarating experience to the people. The place also has a beautiful scenery to offer to make it a photographer's paradise.

    There is also an event in the Sheraton Hotel of a symbolic torch lighting/diving ceremony symbolizing the story of the site's ancient legend that the final passing of the spirit is done by jumping off the rocks.

    The address of the place is Kaanapali, Maui, HI.

  2. 2 Waipiʻo Valley

    Housing the largest waterfall in Hawaii, the quaint Waipiʻo Valley is one place with a load of hidden treasure in terms of natural beauty. This property is, however, a privately owned one, therefore, it makes it necessary to book a tour to be allowed in the region.

    For bookings, one can visit the site

  3. 3 Shipwreck Beach

    Though the shipwreck, responsible for the name of the place has been disappeared a long time ago, this is one place that has some of the most beautiful views in Hawaii. This place is a hub for surfing and swimming, though it is highly recommended for only the professionals to pursue them due to the turbulent waters.

    The place also has the hike up to the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail, one of the most beautiful places for the cultural enthusiasts.

    The place also has golden beaches, providing a proper sandy place for sunbathing.

    The address of the place is Ainako Road, Eastern End, Poipu, Kauai, HI 96756

    The website for further information https://poipubeach.org/beaches/shipwrecks-beach/

  4. 4 Na Pali Coast

    This is a unique 17-mile shoreline, attractive because of its position in a remote area. The area is almost inaccessible to people's cars, the only ways to reach there is by water, helicopter or trekking up to the place. One of the most attractive features in the area is the Open Ceiling Sea Cave. This is a wondrous place presenting a natural swimming pool with one of the world's most beautiful places. Another place of interest in the vicinity is the Waiahuakua stream which makes it way off the mountain through the roof of the sea cave. Don't forget your camera because this will be a place worth clicking.

    For staying and food one of the most recommended resorts in the vicinity is the St. Regis Princeville. This resort mixes luxury with nature. 

  5. 5 Papohaku Beach

    This is one of the largest beaches in the region, but it is devoid of much public making it an ideal place for the solitude admirers among us. This is also a romantic getaway. Imagine you are with your significant other, sitting hand in hand on the sandy beach just looking at the waves dropping up and down.

    One can also view the Oahu sitting from the shore, however dipping in the water can prove to be very dangerous is so is advised against.

  6. 6 Manele Bay

    Another beautiful beach, this is a place not too far away from the heart of the state. One can swim in the water free of any fear or can choose to explore the marine life at the tide pools. Another highly recommended activity in the vicinity is playing golf at the Four Seasons Resort.

    This is the perfect family getaway and provides perfect places to arrange a picnic or to frolick in the shallow gentle waters.

  7. 7 Kalaupapa

    This is one place oozing with historical significance in its nerves. The Molokai village has such a unique settlement history which leaves the visitors spellbound.

    Another attraction in the vicinity is the beautiful St. Philomena Church founded by a beloved Father Damien, his burial place. This can be visited by booking a Damien tour. It is highly recommended to well- verse oneself before visiting the place itself, and then let the place take you away to a different era.

  8. 8 Pololu Valley

    A gorgeous landscape is made by this area complete with its black sand beaches and black lava rock. There is a short but steep hike up to the place, but the place itself is one wonderful sight making it worth the effort.

    It is recommended to bring shoes with good friction because the trail is slippery making accidents an often occurrence. Another recommendation is to carry a portable water bottle as dehydration can form as another evil.

  9. 9 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    This is one the most beautiful destination in the vicinity of the place. Thanks to the blessing of the deserts and the lush rain, the hiking experience holds something that you haven't experienced before.

    The place at night is lit with molten lava which is one sight you just have to see. One good way of witnessing this is the Paradise Helicopter tours in Hilo.

    For bookings, one can visit the site  

    So people what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Hawaii today, it's calling.

  10. 10 Road to Hana

    The place Hana is located at a distance of about 2 to 3 hours depending on the place of the beginning, without any stops. But this is the idealistic approach, the place is just too beautiful to not stop. The visit to the Hana Town demands at least 2 days in a holiday schedule. The highway is filled with waterfalls, beaches, and trails which make it the way to paradise for a nature lover or a photography enthusiast.

    The town Hana has a lot many places for lodging, which have to be pre-booked due to the high demand in holidaying season.

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