Copenhagen – The Solo Trip

They say that the best way to see world is to do it by oneself. But is it the same for the introverts among us? Let's find out.

Whenever the idea of solo travel was put across my head, a chill ran down my spine, being an introvert is not easy after all. Another reason why the idea sounded repulsive was the way the female gender is looked down upon, alone meant dealing with that in real life, alone. But the travel bug inside of me never knew rest, so after a while of fumbling for ideas I came across an ideal solution. An idea that seemed to have lessened the chill and excited the senses to a sense of. A solo trip to Copenhagen.

Though it started out as a joke between friends, I soon found myself searching for airline fares online, this trip idea had ignited a flare within me. The next week saw me sitting between two guys on a 10 hour to Copenhagen. The intensity of my craving for this visit surprised everyone including me. From what I could see, both of them were on solo trips of their own. Though I wanted to strike up a conversation or even a small chat, this voice inside me told me not to, the voice of the so-called morals.


After the landing of the plane and the collection of my luggage, I spent the first hour of the trip feeling lost in a huge wave of humans. People leaving and arriving, people receiving and dropping, people everywhere and I felt alone. This feeling was shortly accompanied by the feeling of anxiety and later brought on an urge to catch the next flight back. For a moment there I didn’t care about the of the hotels or the amount of capital wasted. But something inside me stopped me from doing that, the travel bug it might be. I was determined to make it through this 5 day trip. I found the nearest taxi station and showed them the name of the hotel on my phone. Seeing the amount of luggage I carried the taxi driver drove away in horror, Indian values, always more is better than less.


After reaching the First Hotel Mayfair, having settled down in the room did the feeling of relief finally wash over me. ‘I made it this far, I will make it further’ was the last thought before I dozed off to sleep.

When I woke up after almost sleeping for 15 hours continuously did I realise the effect jet lag has on a human body. A slight headache still was present in the forehead region which I ignored. The hotel staff served the breakfast free. The server had a very concerned look on her face probably in lieu of my messy hair and dishevelled appearance. She even took the liberty of preparing lemon water for me assuming what I had was essentially a hangover. The day though half passed already witnessed me walking around aimlessly in the streets just absorbing the exciting atmosphere and the light breeze on my face. I came across a souvenir shop named Dan Art, an antique store with all kinds of vintage Fine China that were in great condition.  The owner of the shop, Dan was a wise and knowledgeable man with whom conversation didn’t feel like a burden. I was able to procure a number of gifts for my people back home. Having spent the amount destined for the day I returned to my room and only went down to eat dinner in a nearby restaurant serving continental food.

The next day, I got up early which pleasantly surprised my hostess. She smiled at me, which struck a chord reminding me of my mother back home. A feeling of nostalgia ran in my system but I controlled the reaction and instead channelled my mind into thinking about the adventure that awaited me that day. The Red Bus Hop-on Hop-Off, a simple bus tour giving the entire visit of the city. Though I felt nervous to be sitting all alone in a bus full of people, I willed myself to be excited about it. I walked from the hotel to the bus station after nibbling down my breakfast. The double-decker bus looked huge and I was lucky enough to score a seat on the top. Soon the ride started and there was a guide who gave a brief introduction of the monuments passing us by. Beside me sat an old white couple, holding hands, it gave me a warm feeling to witness the strength of love breaking the shackles of time. The entire trip was wonderful as I was introduced to the history and culture of the great land. When the trip ended I came back to the hotel tired and content. Having had a late lunch I didn’t bother about dinner and went straight to sleep.


The day after that I woke up early as well and had to leave the hotel without having my breakfast. In my mind I saw the stewardess of the room shed I silent tear of pride, at which point checked myself of being too dramatic. I caught a train and then a taxi to reach to the destination of the day, The Viking Experience. A museum exhibiting various things about history of the nation, giving a special influence on the boats and yachts. It was a sight to see which was further improved by the guide giving us the tour. Svend turned out to be very knowledgable and accommodating. The overall experience of the day turned out beautiful. That night I visited one of local bars named ‘Curfew’. In all honesty it was the irony of the name that mostly drew me to the place. This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable night on the drink. After devouring almost 3 cocktails the shyness in my stature was lost and I was able to make quite a few friends. Amanda is the one still in touch thanks to those drinks. After the adventure I came back to the room and dozed off.

The day after that I slept in late, and when I finally decided to open my eyes, I realised that it was almost lunch time. I imagined the servers frantic tries to get me to open the door and the tired sigh when she finally gave up. I smiled at my stupidity to assume that she cared as much. I decided to take a rest day and gave myself a break between a break. I went down to the continental restaurant and took my time eating. After that I left for a stroll, across the town seeing and absorbing the new culture with slow instrumental music playing in my ear. The experience was truly liberating. As the sun went down on the periphery I headed back to my room once again ignoring dinner. As I lay down I closed my eyes I slept the most pleasant sleep of my life.


When I headed back to India I almost had tears in my life, the girl who was afraid of meeting new people took a trip on her own and found the experience jocund. What else can you ask out of life?

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