Beans of Seattle: The top cafes

The best coffee houses in the city, read on to find out all the information

Has coffee been one of the most indispensable part of the routine? And the idea of a proper cafes gets you up from your slumber? Then this is the article for you.

Coffee shops in Seattle serve various purposes such as social clubs, community forums, shared office space, and study centers. If none of that is your area of concern, then it can offer as simple entertainments like social interaction and conversations with people outside the circle, giving one a deeper insight into the thinking of different people.

The coffee in Seattle deserves a special attention. In lieu of that it is highly recommended that one leaves out the earplugs. The walls are filled with colloquial art and people are full of stories. Share a table with someone you don’t know.

This is the perfect place to traverse back into the 1980s, providing the ideal antique environment required to provide inspiration.

Following is the list of some of the best cafes in various parts of the city. So take a notepad and make a list as you read along

  1. 1 Downtown


    For those who enjoy the taste of old Seattle, Bedlam poses as an undeniable choice. This place works like a stroll down the memory lane down to the neighborhood's pre-boom era.


    Image courtesy:

    The place still works in the time it portrays, offering some modern amenities such as WiFi making it a confluence point of the past and present. The place has a living room like feel to it, complete with a comfortable couch, plenty of tables, and an old upright piano right in the center.
    Located at the 2231 2nd Ave, Seattle, this is the ideal place for private room meetings

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 2231 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA
    Phone number: 206-910-2300


    Located on the northern end of the Downtown region, this is one of the big, open industrial type of cafe. This is one of the places where people go not only the coffee but also the colloquial art from artists coming up.
    Qouting from their official website (
    "We work hard to present a warm, pleasing place that is more in keeping with a traditional coffee house—a place for the exchange of ideas and a meeting place for the community."


    Image courtesy:

    Along with their commitment to the arts, they are highly capable of a great cup of coffee, offering so in every single cup. As an independent business they provide the audience an amazing experience by combining the three elements namely atmosphere, art, and high-quality coffee in a unique way.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 171 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104
    Phone number: 206-583-0497

  2. 2 Capitol Hill

    Espresso Vivace

    This is one of the best coffee serving place for which gives us very precise brewing result. The celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has described Vivace espresso as the best coffee in the US, if not the world.


    Image courtesy:

    One thing to notice about the cafe is that it might not have such a great variety in food items. This is however made up by the baristas providing one with the requisite peace and the availability of free WiFi.
    The contact details are given below
    Address: 532 Broadway Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
    Phone number: 206-860-2722

    Joe Bar

    Celebrating its 20th birthday, Joe Bar was inaugurated on August 1st, 1997. The walls of the cafe are filled with interesting arts made by the local artist. This is one of the most affordable place to enjoy the coffee along with the art.


    Image courtesy:

    The most delicious and the most pocket friendly item on the list is the classic, lemon juice and powdered sugar, topped with thin-to-transparent slices of lemon. Along with this the bar holds an engorging list of savory crepes along with plus panini, soup, antipasto plates, beer and wine.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 810 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102
    Phone number: 206-324-0407

    Ada's Technical Books

    This is one for the science enthusiasts among us. A place which has it all technical electronic manuals, computer guides, kids' books, science fiction, biographies of scientists, cookbooks, games, and more. Yes you read it right.


    Image courtesy:

    But what adds to the delight is the food served along with the books. The place houses delicious pistachio granola, cinnamon rolls, macaroni and cheese, and curried lentils made from all the local ingredients.

    In addition to this, there is an availability of bar serving a wide collection of wine and beer, provided with outdoor seating.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 425 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
    Phone number: 206-322-1058

    Little Oddfellows

    The ideal place to sit down and write, this awe-inspiring cafe is one of the favorites among the peace lovers. Located in the back of Elliot Bay Book Company, this is a place where one can sit and write for hours while enjoying delicious food.


    Image courtesy:

    The specialty of the cafe includes baked goods and desserts, coffee and espresso from Caffe Vita, sandwiches and grain salads. The beverage menu excels in the house-made juices, scratch sodas as well as an availability of beer and wine.

    This is one of the cafes enjoyed by the solitude lovers the most

    The contact details are mentioned below
    Address: 1521 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
    Phone number: 206-323-1511

  3. 3 Central District

    QED Coffee

    The name of the cafe is taken from the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstratum” roughly translating to “that which needs to be shown”.

    Their motto includes 'making coffee as more than purely a business transaction or simply selling a product rather to view crafting coffee as a balance of science and art, of ritual and innovation.'


    Image courtesy:

    This is one of the micro-cafe on a mission to prove that quality coffee matters to the people of the modern world.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 1418 31st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
    Phone number: 206-954-3071

    Tougo Coffee Co

    Another one of the modern coffeehouses in the list, Tougo Coffee Co specializes in the slowly brewed drinks. The entire produce is made by the harvest they are able to gather in the season, giving it a good quality making it ideal for the people to relish.


    Image courtesy:

    One thing to note about the place is that the prices of the place is determined bu the harvest quality and demands of the market, never compromising green coffee quality.

    Another availability is that of freshly baked goods, giving the freshness we ask out of the food.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 1410 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, USA
    Phone number: +1 206-860-3518

    So caffeine lovers, Seattle is the destination for the next trip, ain't it?  

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