Balls, Beer and Dallas : 6 Best Sports Bars

Sports has been one of the most primary attraction to the man and serves as a respite from the otherwise hectic lives. And what is a better way of the watching game than shared with friends and beer? Dallas having professional teams in all sports, it is definitely a sports town.
It doesn’t matter what time a person decides to visit, Dallas always haves a game going on be it by Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, and FC Dallas, as well as Texan college teams from Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Baylor, Texas A&M or the University of Texas every single one of them is highly celebrated.

The city highly supports the culture of sports bar and some of the ones in the list below run house-full for days. One of the best present right in the heart of the uptown city is the Christie’s.

Read on to find all about it and the others in the list below.


Originally posted 2017-08-29 10:29:39.

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