Balls, Beer and Dallas : 6 Best Sports Bars

Eyes on flat screens and beers in hand, what else can you ask for in a town? Read on to find the 6 best sports bars Dallas has to offer.

Sports has been one of the most primary attraction to the man and serves as a respite from the otherwise hectic lives. And what is a better way of the watching game than shared with friends and beer? Dallas having professional teams in all sports, it is definitely a sports town.
It doesn’t matter what time a person decides to visit, Dallas always haves a game going on be it by Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, and FC Dallas, as well as Texan college teams from Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Baylor, Texas A&M or the University of Texas every single one of them is highly celebrated.

The city highly supports the culture of sports bar and some of the ones in the list below run house-full for days. One of the best present right in the heart of the uptown city is the Christie’s.

Read on to find all about it and the others in the list below.

  1. 1 Christie's

    The original sports bar in Dallas, Christie's, is one of the oldest one in business. In addition to being a sports bar, it offers a variety of food items including a delicious range of burgers, pizza, and salads with a special mention of chicken sandwich.

    Apart from the primal Uptown location, Christie offers the best sport viewing in town to its credit. Patrons can find any game they desire all around the year. In addition to that, it has maintained the decor tastefully, with regulation size and well-maintained pool tables and variety of arcade and gaming machines.
    The drink menu offers a wide range all around the week, including top shelf concoctions.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 2811 McKinney Ave
    Dallas, TX 75204
    Phone number: 2149541511

  2. 2 The Owner's Box

    An ultimate Dallas Sports bar, The Owner's Box is located on the first floor of the Dallas Omni Hotel near the Dallas Convention Center. The bar holds a very elegant and sophisticated decor providing the customers with private tables for game watching that include sound isolating technology and interactive scheduling.

    Housing state of art technology, this is one of the few places the visitors can find several jumbo LCD HDTV flat screens, including a 16-foot screen in the main room. The other amenities that are offered by the place includes like top shelf cocktails and a comprehensive bar menu. In addition to this bar offers a selection of homemade hummus, salads, and quesadillas.

    The contact details are given below
    Address: 555 South Lamar Street
    Dallas, TX 75202
    Phone number: (214) 652-4805

  3. 3 The Nodding Donkeys

    Another one located in the heart of the Uptown Dallas neighborhood, The Nodding Donkeys, is one of the premier sports bars. Owned and operated by Jonathan Calabrese, this one of the most pride possession of pubs in the town.

    Featuring fresh local ingredients, the bar hotels a variety of food items including signature favorites like brisket tacos, smoked wings, pizzas and a brunch menu.

    Aside from the food, the Nodding Donkey offers a wide variety of craft beer on one of the best patios present around Dallas. Along with this, the bar houses around 20 huge televisions playing local and national games and also an availability of fun parlor games.

    The contact details are as given below
    Address: 2900 Thomas Ave
    Dallas, TX 75204
    Phone number: (214) 922-8898

  4. 4 Frankie's Sports Bar

    Open to the public since 2000, this pub holds the position as the to-go Dallas bar for sports enthusiasts. Holding two 10-foot HDTV projection systems and 30-plus HDTV screens, this pub is the place which promises great views from any seat and wireless receivers at each table ensure that you don't miss a second of the action.

    The menu holds a diverse range of treats like Spinach Artichoke Crawfish Dip, "Frankie's Favorite" sandwich and Hawaii Five-O pizza.

    One treat for the visitors is that the place offers free pizza on Tuesday nights, so a game with budget kept in mind can be planned.

    The details are given below.
    Address: 3227 McKinney Ave
    Dallas, TX 75204
    Contact number: 214-999-8932
    Bar: Daily 11am-2am
    Kitchen: Sun-Wed 11am-Midnight; Thu-Sat 11am-1am

  5. 5 Stan's Blue Note

    If one has to crack open a cold one with the boys and cheer his favorite sports team on TV and perhaps listen to some live music, then this beloved local haunt will be his happy place. Established in 1952, Stan's is hopping with daily drink specials karaoke, trivia contests and everything from shuffleboard to pool to darts.
    The bar holds a wide collection of 100 types of bottled beer and over 50 different options on tap. Along with that, the bar holds a wide variety of food items including Maple and Motor's fried baloney sandwiches, Jimmy's Food Store's spicy Italian sausage sandwiches and Gene Street's famous chicken fried steak.

    One of the best features about the place is that the menu is rated for the price of $10 making it a wallet friendly option.

    The details are given below
    Address: 2908 Greenville Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75206
    Phone number: 214-827-1977

  6. 6 Time Out Tavern

    This place holds a perfect place to kick back, drink a beer and watch a game in big D. A place with no dress code and low key atmosphere, this Dallas is to go if all you want to do is get away from people.

    The bar does not hold food but it allows the guest to order delivery from a number of several nearby restaurants if they work up an appetite watching the game.

    Though it has a paucity of food items, it makes up for them in the wide variety of spirits as well as has a great selection of domestic classics, local and craft beers, and import beer.

    The details are mentioned below
    Address: 5101 W Lovers Ln
    Dallas, TX 75209
    Phone number: (214) 956-9552

    So people ready for the game season, are we? 

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