5 things to do in Dallas this August

This major metropolitan city is calling out to you. Let it have a chance to speak its heart out?

Dallas, one of the premier metropolitan cities of Texas, is also one of the major tourist attraction of the city.  The city’s prominence takes roots from its historical value as an important center for the oil and cotton industries, and its being well places along numerous railroad lines. This beautiful place is full of activities for you to do.

So if your summer activities are lacking as yet, following is the plan that can save you. In the list below you will find 5 things that will make your summer, memorable.

  1. 1 Attend a Summer Concert

    This is one different kind of experience. The open air concerts held in the city prove to be a nirvana for the music bloodied among us. The starting of this august is done with School Of Rock Allstars concert on the first of august. The tickets for which are available online at a very affordable price. Some of the other famous concerts to be held in the month is the concert of John Mayer on 5th of August, Moonshine Bandits on 11th August, Dead Cross on 14th of August, Ed Sheeran on 18th August, Van Jones on 18th, Linkin Park and Machine Girl Kelly on 25th August and Lady Antebellum, Kelsea Ballerini and Brett Young on 26th August. So book your tickets before they run out folks

  2. 2 Visit the Dallas Arboretum

    This quaint little place is one of the oasis from the concrete jungle it is surrounded by. A visit to this magical garden is like living in one of those magic disney movies we always wanted to be a part of. The garden has organised a different activity for each day to kill the monotony that forms in our daily life including morning walks and a day long of peace and contentment in turn promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

  3. 3 Something New at the DMA

     By adding a pop culture twist, this museum situated in the city of Dallas, has started somewhat of a revolution in the world of art. An exhibition is placed on the second Thursday of every month. So the best date to visit the museum would be on the 10th of August. On the other days as well, this is a state of the Art museum that has a lot of interesting artifacts which places it permanently on the must visit list.

  4. 4 Catch a Game

    One of the biggest attraction in the city of Dallas is the game. Be it basketball or baseball, it has always interested people to the extent that they flock to the stadiums in lieu of getting a look at their favourite team in real life. Hence being one of the hubs of games, this is a must try experience in the city of Dallas. The tickets of all the major shows are again available online for the overseas enthusiasts. 

  5. 5 See Shakespeare in the Park

    For the literature enthusiasts out there, this is the play. As the summer has longer days to offer, the park often stages the plays of the great Shakespeare. This is an out of the world experiences as you see Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and others taking human form in front of your eyes. Sitting there with the loved ones and watching these actors perform in front of an audience is surely an experience that no one would want to miss. 

    So what are you waiting for people? This is the last chance to save the summer, take it.

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