10 Autumn Getaways That Make You Fall For Them

The best on the list for the upcoming Autumn season from around the world, read along to find out more.

Autumn is not just constrained in Halloween, but it is also about the yellows of nature. Generally the carrier of cooler temperatures and the change in color of the leaves, Autumn is one of the best seasons around the year as we get to see nature’s artwork in hundreds of shades of red, yellow, and orange. But have you ever wondered where good gets better?

Below is the list of the 10 most beautiful getaways during this season uncovering the beauty of nature.

  1. 1 Momijidani Park - Japan

    One of the most beautiful parks in the world, Momijidani Park of Japan easily tops the list. Listed as a World Heritage Site,  the island of the gods boasts a number of amazing sites for its visitors.

    After the arrival of 'Koyo' season arrives, the island comes alive with every fall shade imaginable. The best view however resides in the summit of Mount Misen, overlooking the various forests leading all the way back to the ocean.

  2. 2 Conway Summit - California

    A prime area for viewing aspens turning yellow is represented by The Eastern Sierras in California, which later turn into orange along with crimson red cottonwoods and willows in a steady golden color. That art combined with a picturesque backdrop of mountains and crystal clear blue lakes, Yes people you have entered heaven.

    One of the most peaceful places in the list, this is one place which is the paradise for nature lovers and the photography enthusiasts as the entire valley wears an Autumn blanket turning into a treat for eyes that is hard to forget.

  3. 3 Mount Mitchell State Park - North Carolina

    Standing 6,684 feet above sea  Mount Mitchell State Park is the highest point lying on the eastern side of Mississipi. Though this place is an epitome of beauty not matter what time you decide to drive back, the colors are highlighted especially during the fall.

    The entire length of the hills and mountains are covered in shades of reds, oranges, and yellows and a soft cold wind is running past you, what else is there to ask for in an attraction.  Some of the best views can be thieved from the observation deck, though the entire length's beauty is so rare that it becomes difficult to choose.

  4. 4 Bran Castle - Romania

    Once known as the Dracula’s castle, a den of evil that once housed the legendary vampire count, today stands dramatically only in the colours the place holds. Sitting atop a smoky hill in the middle of an unforgettable fall landscape, Bran Castle has a location that is very aesthetically chosen.

    The perfect Halloween location the place is full of greens, pure chocolate browns, and vibrant oranges, anywhere the sight goes. One thing to take care though is that if the legend holds true, it's better to visit the castle before sun-down... just in case.

  5. 5 Carson National Forest- New Mexico

    Generally, when one hears the words fall and the southwestern US together, they tend to get befuddled. But somehow, against all odds, the area around the historic town of Taos, New Mexico is home to some rare color combinations.

    Some of the best views of the town can be noticed by  Heading up to Eagle Nest nets you views of nearby Wheeler Peak. With an elevation of over 13000 feet, this place is a treat complete with savvy autumn connoisseur to aspens, cottonwoods, and cinquefoil which, at their peak, turn golden/orange, brilliant red, and purple respectively. With such a unique color combination and diverse view, this is one of the must visit places on the list.

  6. 6 Gaspésie Peninsula - Canada

    With mountains and lakes in abundance, Canada is one of the most widely regarded places in the world for its natural beauty. The specialties of the Gaspésie Peninsula is highlighted especially during the autumn season with  Mountains bordered by the enormous St. Lawrence river on one side and the northern Atlantic on the other are covered in all manner of fall foliage.

    Though the entire place is a sight to witness the best views can probably be counted in the account of Gaspésie National Park on the north side of the map, along with the nearby Mount Saint Pierre. One of the things to keep in mind is to look out for a moose and always carry out the safety procedures while hiking or trekking alone.

  7. 7 Hoh Rainforest - Washington State

    Another shocker in the list, Washington also isn't a place where people generally expect to see the natural foliage and bounty. However, once again nature surprises us in the Olympic Peninsula and to the northern part of the Hoh Rainforest where one can find Sitka spruces in orange and gold contrasting with the evergreen giving one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

    Some of the most common animals that one can come across while trekking is native Sea Otter, Elk, and Cranes. The best view of the place can be gathered from the Hurricane Ridge.

  8. 8 Acadia National Park – Portland

    A picturesque mixture of seaside mansions, lighthouses, and striking foliage, Arcadia National Park is one of the most ecologically beautiful places in Portland.

    It is one the 5 and a half mile hiking trail is known as the Sargent Mountain Loop, where one can witness the most exceptional views and fall colors on display.  

  9. 9 Summer Garden – St. Petersburg

    Though often called the 'Summer Garden', the beauty of the garden comes out especially during the time of the fall. Snuggled in the already beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia, the Summer Garden canopy turns a vibrant hue of yellow-gold in the autumn months,  providing a stunning background for the highly impressive marble statues displayed throughout the garden.

    The park is complete with walks bordered with golden trees and benches in close proximity allowing you to sit and admire the surrounding majesty.

  10. 10 Shenandoah National Park - Virginia

    This is one place where one can arrange for cabins to view the amazing sites of emerging fall colors. The entire Blue Ridge Mountains range provides the spectators an impressive array of turning hardwood trees. However, this is the best stretch providing people with an unforgettable experience.

    Think something else should be added to the list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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